How Can You Get More Leads Using Contact Forms?

Contact Forms

How Can You Get More Leads Using Contact Forms?

What is your current contact forms information on your website? Is it a phone number or an email address? If you are using any of these, your approach is wrong. Why? Because these tools can limit your growth potential. Also, the clients can think for a moment before calling you or writing an email unless your business is related to emergencies. For instance, you are a doctor. 

So what should you use to improve user engagement and get more leads? It would be best to use a contact form to get better results. A contact form helps your customers to ask questions or give feedback quickly without leaving your website.  

There are many other benefits of customer contact forms. Let’s find out about them. 

Contact forms are user-friendly. 

Usually, customers have to navigate websites to locate contact information. According to the old practice, businesses leave contact information in the footer section or create a separate page. However, finding and connecting with you via mail or phone is manual. You can automate this process by adding a contact form. 

user friendly contact form

A contact form makes business communication more accessible. In the contact form, there can be at least two entities. One is an email address, and the other is a message. The user will fill these sections, and after he hits the send or submits button, you will receive the information. 

Depending on the need, you can also increase the contact form sections. 

Get everything you need to know. 

Getting a manual email from your consumers will not help you. There will be missing information, and the question of users can also be misleading. Moreover, you cannot collect necessary information on a phone call. Why? Because the consumer may not have time for a long phone call. They may also not want to talk on the phone since most millennials try to avoid phone calls. 

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However, you need accurate information to meet the needs of consumers. How are you going to get that? It’s simple, use an online web inquiry form and add all necessary questions in this form. 

Improve security by removing spam emails

Spammers are always looking for emails. If you add your email to your website, the spammers can get it. There will be a flood of scams and phishing emails in your inbox when they have your email. This will eventually affect the security of your data. 

To remove these risks, you should use a contact form. This will help you to receive customer information without displaying your contact information. And you can also improve the security of online contact forms by adding reCAPTCHA. 

Receive messages 24/7 without disturbing your routine 

Using email or phone numbers will limit your capacity for growth. Because if you use any of these tools, you can attend queries only in a limited time. But if the customer contacts you out of the working hours, you cannot answer them. 

Also, if there is no other option for connecting with you, the customers can contact you randomly, which is not suitable for your business. Because if you cannot answer them in time, they will go to your competitor. Hence your revenue will come down. 

However, by using a contact form, you can avoid this scenario. It will allow your consumer to send messages 24/7. And you can add automated replies that will improve customer satisfaction. 

Improve lead generation 

A user visiting your website is already interested in your product or service. But many of them are not interested in calling or writing an email. Stats indicate that 81% of millennials can get apprehension anxiety before collecting the courage to talk on call. And now, most of the time, your customers are millennials, so you cannot depend on phone numbers. 

lead generation

Moreover, people are not interested in composing manual emails. So there should be a better and quick solution to contact your support team. The ideal solution is to have a customer contact form on your website. 

If you have an online contact form, you can improve the customer experience. They can easily express their feelings in the contact form without leaving your website. So a website inquiry form saves time and increases lead generation. 

Build an email list of customers 

Tell me one thing. How much time do you need to locate a two-month-old email from your inbox? If you remember the sender’s email, it will take only a few minutes. But if you don’t, you will need more time to find an old email. 

Moreover, you cannot quickly build a customer email list using a simple email. If you don’t have an email list, you cannot work effectively on CRM (customer relationship management). Thus your growth will be linear. 

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However, if you use a website inquiry form, you can quickly build a customer email list because the contact form will have a separate database for collecting emails. Hence you will be able to grow an email list without any effort. This list will help you in marketing and CRM. 

Learn more about your audience 

What is the best way to learn about your audience for free? Customer feedback is the only thing that can help you learn about them without investing a single penny. So you can ask your consumers to leave comments or feedback in the contact form. 

These comments will help you understand your consumers’ needs and desires. By using the feedback, you can improve your services and product accordingly. Moreover, if you appreciate the input of consumers, they will come back to you. So try to engage with such consumers who are providing feedback frequently. 

Get back to your customers easily and quickly. 

As stated before, it is not easy to locate older emails in the inbox. So if you receive an email there, you may not be able to reply on time. You can remove this barrier by adding a client contact form on the website.

It will have separate storage of emails. And it will also have a proper display of the customer message, comment, or feedback. Hence you will be able to give an appropriate reply to each letter. 

Improve CRM 

CRM is an integral part of business growth. It helps you to retain old customers and get more leads organically. But to improve customer relationships, you need to have their contact details. The contact form will complete this job for you. As described earlier, a contact form has a separate storage for emails. 

improve CRM

Whether the user purchases your service/product or not, you will get their email address through the contact form. You can use it to occasionally engage with your audience with a better offer. For instance, you can connect with them on Christmas or Easter. 

Furthermore, you can use this user’s contact list for traditional marketing. So, if the user does not convert at the first interaction, he will convert at the 2nd or 3rd interaction. It means having a solid email list can help you increase revenue.   

Set auto-replies for customer satisfaction 

Your business may not be open 24 hours a day. But the internet is available all the time. And you do have a business website on the internet. Also, you don’t know when a client will send a message request. So if you receive a message outside office hours, how can you give instant replies?

You are thinking right! You can give instant replies using an online emergency contact form. In a contact form, you can set automated replies. This immediate response will improve the user experience. It will not be a complete chat; however, it will tell the user that you can solve his problem. For instance, you can set an answer like “We have received your query, our team will get back to you with a solution. Thank you for contacting us!”  

Improve productivity with third-party apps 

Usually, contact forms have only one feature. They help you to make communication smoother. But many apps also allow you to integrate additional apps to improve productivity. You can add marketing, lead generation, appointment booking apps, and other productivity apps. 

Integrating third-party apps will help you gather all business tools under one dashboard. However, if you use MIYN, you will not need to incorporate additional apps. Because it already consists of significant business apps. 

Get necessary files 

If you are a lawyer, doctor, or chartered accountant, you will need to see some documents before setting a pay rate and get an idea of the coming case. So you should use such CRM forms that allow you to share documents on the same platform. This feature of your contact form will save a lot of your time. 

Reduce bounce rate 

Average Bounce Rates

As discussed earlier, the users are not interested in writing emails or talking on calls. So if you don’t have a contact information form, the consumers will get a negative vibe. Thus they will try to find your alternative, and that’s the minor thing you want.  

How can MIYN help you like a contact form?

MIYN is a simple, easy-to-use contact form. You can add it to your website and improve user engagement. But MIYN is not similar to usual contact forms. It is better than them because it has many other business tools that can help you improve the growth rate of your business. Thus by using MIYN, you can convert your website into a lead generation website. 

Moreover, you can also use it for online scheduling. Do you know? MIYN is one of the best appointment booking apps. Hence it can become your online scheduler and contact form. 

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MIYN also has a great collection of result-oriented landing pages. Whether you need a WordPress landing page or a simple website landing page, you can rely on MIYN. 

Thus, I can say that MIYN is an all-rounder that can handle your customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, contact form, live chat, and online scheduling. 

Other features of MIYN are:

  • Add unlimited staff 
  • Add unlimited service categories 
  • Use website popups 
  • Send instant messages 
  • Add directions of your business 
  • Share documents (A helpful part for doctors, lawyers, and tutors)
  • Live chat 
  • Get automatic reminders 
  • Use detailed reports 
  • Manage subscriptions 
  • 24/7 support 

How can you add MIYN to your website?

There are two methods for adding MIYN to your website.

  • You can use the WordPress plugin to add MIYN to your website 
  • You can use the given code from MIYN’s website to add widgets to your website 

You can learn more about MIYN’s installation from this blog.  

Final thoughts 

Having online contact forms on your website will help you to improve sales. They don’t just improve user engagement, but they also highlight professionalism. But if you don’t have an online contact forms, the users may not wish to engage with you. 

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However, to get the best experience, you should use all-in-one software like MIYN. 

Frequently asked questions 

Why do I need a contact form?

A contact form makes it convenient for users to navigate your website. Instead of looking for your email or contact number, they can quickly use the client contact form to communicate with you. Moreover, some users can be impatient to research your contact information to bounce to your competitor. 

Does MIYN have different contact us page templates?

MIYN has a better option than templates. You can embed its widgets on your website quickly and change their appearance according to your need, as you can easily edit the provided HTML code. But if you cannot do that, you can contact the support team. They will help you to set up the widgets for you. 

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