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Here we have answered some common questions about MIYN that most of the clients asked us.

What is an online appointment system?

Online Appointment is also said by many such names as online scheduling software, online booking applications and online scheduler, etc.An online scheduling system is a web-based application that allows individuals to book their appointments and reservations online conveniently and securely via any web-connected device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.Customers typically access the online scheduling system through a “Book Now” button found on a Web site or page, or from a URL for various service facilities.Once a date and time is selected, the system will automatically confirm the booking and immediately record in the system, without the need to take any staff action.

Why is an online appointment system important?

The appointment booking system is so important for your customers or clients. Without proper scheduling, your business can quickly turn into a chaotic, unorganized mess. This increases the stress not only for your employees, but also for your clients.

How Does an Online Booking System Work?

Guest facing side / Front-end:

Front-end bookings, also known as the guest-facing side, probably inspired you to explore the booking system first. When visitors visit your site, they have the ability to book and pay themselves.

Business facing side / Back-end:

After booking an appointment by customers, immediately it will notify you and with it, you can take a hands-on approach to daily booking tasks so you can focus more on the big picture. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to get access to real-time reporting.


On the first screen after logging in, the dashboards provide a quick preview of the most important information using widgets that are available elsewhere on the platform such as booking calendars, monthly income, or on-boarding guides.

What Benefits will I get with an Online Booking System?

1. Makes your business open 24 hours a day.

Having an online booking system for your business means, Your business is open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

2. Maximize your reservations.

Customers who book their own reservations are more likely to show up, showing no past events. If a customer needs to cancel, the spot automatically opens online and allows another customer to book it. By maximizing your reserves, you will not leave unused activity spots or rents on the table.

3.  You get paid fast.

An online booking system allows your customers to prepay for activities and fares.

This puts money in your pocket quickly and helps ensure that you don’t have to worry about paying on the day of the event. It giving you and your customers more time to have fun.

4. You’re not tied to any phone or computer.

If a customer calls your company and is routed to voicemail, they can call again later or they can choose their second choice.

Online booking means you capture more potential customers, because storage and information are always available. This means you won’t get involved in the terrible game of telephone tags.

5. You can sell effortlessly and generate extra revenue.

You can always add more guides, provide more activities, or extend your hours to grow your business, but they all take work. By adding extra parks to your customers, you can easily add extra revenue to your business. As a fun addition to photo packages or souvenirs, you can include options for these items in your online booking checkout page.

6. Easy to manage your calendar.

Online booking systems allow you to check your storage and availability wherever you are using any mobile device. You can always know the business status and can schedule and manage easily from any convenient location.

7. Get valuable insights about your business.

An online booking system provides you with an analytics dashboard that provides you with such good information and helps you grow your business. It determines your popular sellers, requested time slots and even the most popular add-ons using an online booking system with powerful insights. Take advantage of what your customers want most – save you time and money on offers that don’t help your business grow.

What is Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your website which is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is totally different from other pages you have on your website. It contains a form in which visiotor’s information is captured in exchange for a desired offer.

What is the purpose of the landing page?

A landing page is all about following the promises you made to your content. Basically, this is the next step towards becoming a customer.

Your landing page allows you to make trades, some special offers, pieces of information or any deal in exchange for providing contact information.

Do I need a landing page? Why?

The short answer is “YES”.


Research shows that businesses which contain 10-15 landing pages, they tend to increase conversions by 55% compared to those businesses which contain fewer than 10 landing pages. And the businesses which contain more than 40 landing pages, they increase conversions by over 500%. 

“So, what do you think now? Do you need landing pages?”

Why is it important to use specific landing pages instead of homepage?

There are probably many areas on your homepage that can confuse visitors and persuade them to click away before committing to certain actions you want them to perform.

Also, when you use a specially designed landing page for a social campaign, you can easily track your own success.

How can Landing pages help my business?

A good converting landing page is an online tool that can be extremely beneficial to your business, which increases the amount of potential customers. 

Landing pages are always focused on the target audience and provide visitors with easy, direct access to any single product or service they are interested in.

What is Customer relationship management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a great technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with all your customers and potential customers. 

Here The goal is very simple: Improve your business relationships with your customers.

A CRM system helps companies to stay connected with customers, streamline processes, and improve the profitability.

What does a CRM system do?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you to manage all your customer data. It supports sales management, provides operational insights, integrates on social media and facilitates team communication. 

CRM systems which are Cloud-based, offers complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke applications.

Why is CRM important?

CRM helps businesses build relationships with their customers that in turn lead to loyalty and customer retention.

Since both customer loyalty and earnings affect a company’s revenue, it can be said that, CRM is a management strategy that maximizes profits for the business.

What benefits will I get if I use CRM for my business?

  1. Get Better knowledge about your customers.

Fact is you have all the information stored in one place which makes CRM a very powerful communication tool.

  1. Do Better segmentation of customer type

You can do segmenting depending on the potential of the target audience and customers.

  1. Better customer retention

A CRM system comes with a few customer retention benefits: It will help you keep your promise by reminding you of an appointment or sending follow-up emails.

  1. Better anticipation of needs

The main advantages of having a CRM system are that salespeople sell more and sell faster.

It has access to the customer communication history through the whole customer journey which allows the sales representatives to anticipate the customer’s needs.

  1. Better and speedier communication

The CRM system is a time saver for you and your customers, providing you with customizable, ready to use email templates, documents, letters, quotes, invitations, suggestions and newsletters etc.

  1. Better protection of data privacy

A CRM system allows you to obtain and document permission to use and store your personal details (consent) to your contacts, to store your new data, to send automatic notifications to all new contacts, informing them that you want to manage your subscribers’ subscriptions to your email contact preferences.

It even sets up rules for updating personal details for a group of contacts – all together.

What is live chat support?

Live chat support is a system that allows customers to have text-based conversations with support teams via the web.

Using live chat software embedded in the company’s website, customers can send their questions to someone (or sometimes an AI bot) who can quickly answer them in the same answer window.

How does live chat work on a website?

Live chat software is a tool which is used to provide online real-time services. It helps your website visitors get instant help or information through a simple chat window.

So, the website visitor asks their queries inside the live chat session, and a business operator answers the queries.

Why is Live Chat important for my business?

Live chat is perfect for providing customer support. You can solve customer problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction. Your customers will receive a much faster response than they do via email or support ticket which can take hours or even longer.

What are the benefits of having live chat on a website?

1. Increase sales and conversions


The first major benefit of having a live chat system on your website is the potential to increase sales.

When browsing your website, customers will have questions about your product or service. With live chat, you can answer them instantly.

Buyers read your answers. This means, buyers are still on your website. This is what makes live chat very powerful.

Live chat gives you the opportunity to hold your buyers close, helping them overcome objections and reach a buying decision. It’s like having a sales assistant behind you standby.

In addition, a report from iMarket examined the impact of live chat on customers. The report found that more than 35% of people shopped online after using live chat.

2. It Reduces your support costs

At the traditional call center will handle both phone and email requests.

Being able to handle multiple customer chats at once means you’ll need a small team to handle customer service requests, which will reduce your support costs.

3. Build trust with buyers

Customers are skeptical about buying things from people they don’t know.

However, with live chat you can have direct conversations with your customers which allows you to build trust and close the gap between online and offline purchases.

Faith is crucial in the business world. If a buyer does not trust you, they will not provide their contact information or share their personal details.

4. Gain competitive advantage

Offering live chat to your customers presents you with a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Because, only very few websites use live chat to provide real time support to their customers.

5. Increase your average order value:

Live chat not only helps you increase sales – it also helps you increase sales value!

Using live chat to talk to buyers and understand their needs, you can recommend similar products and services by up-selling and cross-selling to increase the average order value.

6. Satisfy your customers

Live chat is a great opportunity to improve customer support and provide a memorable customer experience on your website.

Because, customers always want to talk with the seller before buying something. That’s why most of the customers prefer to use live chat.

What is MIYN? & Why use MIYN?

MIYN is the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We are here to help your marketing, sales, commerce, services as one from anywhere.

So you can keep your customers happy everywhere.

That’s where MIYN comes in. We can help you convert more of your visitors into actively engaged, confirmed, leads. Delivered straight into your marketing funnel where you need them.

Client Testimonials


Best online booking system for my Business. It has some great features along with appointment scheduling, live chat, and call, Managing Clients. This system is really very helpful and time-saving.

Jon Clark
Director of Boards

Finally, I found an amazing online booking system for my Spa and Salon Business. Thanks to "MIYN" for making such a simple yet unbelievable and effective organized app.

Barbara Williams
Owner, Spa and Hair Salon

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