Live Chat For Businesses

How To Boost Sales Using Miyn Live Chat For Businesses?

According to Apex chat, having a live chat can increase your conversions by 40%.  However, it is old research. Now you can achieve a lot more than that.  Live chat is not just a feature for your website. It is a part of your marketing. However, the significant role of marketing is social media, e...
Calendar Booking System

How to Add MIYN’s Calendar Booking System to Your Website

You can’t deny the fact that if a business does not adapt to the new circumstances, it will stay behind or go bankrupt. Do you remember Kodak or Blockbuster? They failed because they didn’t improve with time. And you, my friend, are doing the right thing by adding a calendar booking syst...

List of 6 Best Online Schedule Maker In 2022 

Online Schedule Maker : We are living in the age of technology. All the geniuses around the world are trying to automate everything. And people are loving it since automation reduces human effort. For instance, in 2020, 111 million people ordered food online in the US. What do you think? Why did the...