How Do Online Appointment Scheduling Apps Help You Enhance Lead Generation And Reduce No-shows? 

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How Do Online Appointment Scheduling Apps Help You Enhance Lead Generation And Reduce No-shows? 

“Hey Peter, how many schedule appointments do I have today?” Asked the lawyer. Peter reported that today there are going to be five meetings. The manager thought, “It will be a busy day.” But things turned the other way around. Why? Because only two people appeared at the premises and rest were added to the no-show list. 

You can also face the same situation because people can schedule appointments but not attend. Do you know? The no-show rate for any business is almost close to 20%. And it does affect the health of a company financially and productively. 

As this no-show rate dramatically impacts your business, you should know how to reduce it. You can find this solution in this post. This blog will guide the best method to schedule an appointment and attend it on time. 

Moreover, we will also discuss the method to help you book an appointment online without getting involved manually. So keep reading to reduce the no-show rate of your meetings and increase lead generation. 

How many no-shows can you expect?

number of no-showLawyers can face many no-shows as people are unwilling to visit attorneys unless the odds are entirely against them. Th

is scenario is the same for all appointment types, including bankruptcy, family law, and real estate problems.

You can reduce the no-show rate by improving communication with clients and serving more people. However, having a ZERO no-show rate is logically impossible. But if you are facing a no-show rate above 20%, then you should try to bring it down. The following given tips will help you achieve this goal.  

How to reduce the number of no-shows?

Build a connection 

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Emotion is the best way to build a relationship with any person. So, whenever a client calls your office, try to communicate in a friendly manner. Allow the client to share their story first. Though communication will not get you paid, the consumer will get interested in putting skin in the game. 

A few minutes of good communication is more effective than simply forcing a scheduling procedure. This behavior will indicate that you are more interested in the client’s problem. So try to avoid other activities while talking with a client on the phone. 

Moreover, to schedule an appointment on a phone call, you should learn the art of good communication. If you are not good at it, you can read Daniel Pink’s Book To Sell is Human. This book can help you become a better communicator. 

Make scheduling easy 

If you are still using old methods to schedule appointments, like Email and spreadsheets, you are doing wrong. These are not good choices to book appointments because they demand more time. Thus they will bring down your productivity. Instead, you can use other methods to book an appointment online. 

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For example, you can use MIYN, the best scheduling app for small businesses. You can use it and create an online scheduling page. You can embed the scheduling page on your website or share it via Email. 

Your consumers can easily book meetings using MIYN. It will also send timely reminders to not forget about the meeting. 

Do you know? Timely reminders can reduce no-shows up to 36%. 

The best part of using MIYN is that you allow clients to book meetings on their behalf. It will give them a sense that you care about them, their problems, and time. Thus your chances of attending more successful meetings will increase. 

Send timely reminders 

Sending reminders does not mean that you can become pushy. Remember sending too many reminders can indicate that you are desperate, which is not good. Instead, you want to sound courteous and professional. 

Sending a reminder is necessary. Its density will depend on the date of the appointment. However, it is ideal for sending a reminder 24 hours before the appointment day. You can use both or one of the following methods to send reminders. 

Reminders using Email 

The online appointment booker or website schedulers can send automatic email reminders for you. This feature of online booking apps can save time and improve productivity. If you are not using online scheduling tools, you can send emails manually. 

Reminders using text messages 

You can use different tools like AppointmentAid to send text message reminders. Or you can send reminders using your number if you are comfortable sharing your number.

Note: MIYN can send reminders using both Email and SMS. 

Reconnect with no shows 

It does feel bad when a person does not appear in a meeting. But if they miss an appointment, it does not mean that they are out of the equation. So you should call them to confirm the reason for omitting the appointment from their schedule.  

Remember, sometimes, it is not easy to meet an attorney. People are not ready to visit the law firms because they feel admitting failure. This feeling is typical in cases of divorce and bankruptcy. 

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So if you follow up with them, it will make them feel that their meeting was essential for you too. It will show your feelings for their problems. Thus they will be interested in rescheduling the appointment. 

However, not all calls will bring in a customer, reducing the no-show rate.  

Why does your business need a meeting scheduler for reducing no-shows?

Improve Efficiency and Productivity 

WordPress booking calendar will help you keep track of all tasks related to scheduling. From booking appointments, canceling appointments, rescheduling meetings, managing employees, and much more. It helps you become more productive by adding all key details under one dashboard. Also, you can access an online scheduling app from anywhere at any time.  

Simplify Customer Interactions 

Sometimes you cannot quickly find an empty meeting slot. And if you take too much time to look for one, your client can lose interest in your service. Usually, a client knows when he is available, so he will feel frustrated if you keep looking for available slots. 

customer interactions

This scenario is for the clients who contact during working hours. What about the prospects who can connect with you outside the office hours? You cannot even answer them. Thus they will go to your competitors. Hence you need a proper 24/7 solution to make scheduling easy without boundaries. 

You need a WordPress booking plugin to solve this issue. Use an online scheduler and punch in your schedule. Your clients can choose a slot according to their preferences. This feature will remove your anxiety, and your client will become happy.  

So you should use an online scheduling app to book appointments and get rid of back and forth phone calls.   

Increase lead generation 

Appointment booking apps like MIYN can help you increase lead generation. The convenient Book Now button will convert your prospects into actual clients. You can add this button on websites or other online platforms.

You can also use an online booking app to increase recurring clients with a CRM feature.  

Which Appointment Booking app can you use?

MIYN is one of the best WordPress appointment booking plugins. MIYN allows you to automate booking procedures to focus on other important tasks. Once you think that the client is ready to book an appointment, you can easily share the booking link. Or you can also send the link using emails and other social media platforms. 

Your clients can easily select a slot from the booking link. You will not need to keep track of available dates for appointments. You can create a monthly schedule and allow your clients to book accordingly. Hence you will not need to call them again and again to schedule meeting dates. 

Moreover, you can embed this booking system for WordPress on your website. All you need to do is add its plugin to your WordPress dashboard. Don’t you have a WordPress website? No worries, because you can also add MIYN on websites built with other CMS platforms or website technologies. Thus you can use MIYN on any platform. 

How can MIYN help you in Lead generation?

Lead generation is an integral part of your success. If you cannot capture the interest of more consumers, you cannot grow your business. For this purpose, you may need to hire a lead generation agency. However, lead generation companies can be expensive. So you need a tool that can cut this cost and complete the job for you.

MIYN can complete this task for you. How? First of all, MIYN can collect emails from your current customers, which will help you to increase retaining clients. Retaining clients also have a significant impact on your revenue. Thus this feature will help you maintain a workflow. 

Furthermore, you can add MIYN to your website, which will grow the appointment booking rate since most Millenials are not interested in talking on the phone. And depending on the situation, they can also avoid writing emails. So if they find an easy method for booking appointments, they will use it without any second thought. 

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You can also use MIYN on social platforms like Facebook & Instagram to grab more visitors and convert them into clients. 

Hence, MIYN will help you in lead generation at a lower price. 

Other Features of MIYN 

MIYN is not just limited to appointment booking and lead generation. It is a complete package that can change the direction of your productivity and revenue. Let’s learn about a few of the essential features of MIYN. 

Landing pages 

Landing pages have a significant role in increasing the sales of a business. They can increase your sales up to 80%. But they should have perfect content placement and graphics. If anything goes wrong, your consumers will not convert. 

MIYN understands this need and offers multiple landing pages for your business. You can select your landing page from readme landing page examples on MIYN’s dashboard. Or you can connect with their support team to get a separate WordPress landing page or website landing page. The best part is getting this WordPress booking plugin free of cost. 


Customer relationship management is another crucial aspect of retaining your clients. If you are not connecting with your client, you cannot keep them. To get them back to your business, you will have to maintain a relationship with them. 

But you may not have time to connect with them regularly. Don’t worry. You can use MIYN to complete this task. It allows you to create different email templates and send them to various clients with just one click. Thus you can connect with all of your clients without wasting much time. 

Document sharing 

If you run a business like a law firm, CA, or online tutoring, you need to see some documents before further procedures. So, it will be better if you can get the papers beforehand. MIYN gives you the option to get the documents when the client is booking a meeting. This feature will let the user know that you are interested in solving their problems. 

Final Thoughts 

So that was it from our side. I hope that this blog was useful for you. Now you know the importance of an online schedule book. It can help you book more meetings in a short time. Also, if you use a tool like MIYN, you can enhance your productivity, sales, and CRM. Since it is an all-in-one package, we can say that it is an ideal online booking system for small businesses. Hence it is the best appointment scheduling app.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does my company need an appointment booking app?

Online schedule makers are better than phones and emails. These traditional tools demand more time and less productivity as you manually deal with scheduling and follow-ups. However, a schedule organizer handles these tasks automatically. You will not even have to confirm the meetings since the client will be selecting available slots depending on his need. 

Can online scheduling help me reduce no-shows?

Yes, it can. Since an online booking app allows the consumers to schedule meetings according to their preference, it increases their responsibility to appear for the meeting. Still, the booking app will send a reminder to clients; thus, the chances of missing meetings will be minimum. 

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