How Real Estate Scheduling App is Helping Real Estate Agents Manage Time & Clients

Real Estate Scheduling App

How Real Estate Scheduling App is Helping Real Estate Agents Manage Time & Clients

Real Estate Scheduling App Forbes wrote a post on Digital Raises, stating that “companies who use the latest technology will generate high-end profit margins.”  

Currently, you will be using some of the technology tools in your real estate business. Like websites, SEO, and maybe social media marketing. However, you are missing a tool that can make your workflow smoother and increase your revenue. 

I am talking about a real estate scheduling app. It will help you remove the manual booking process and allow your prospects to book directly. This direct method is quicker and easier. And who doesn’t like quick and easy? It’s just like fast food.  

Do you know what is the best part? Many of your competitors are not yet using this new tool. So you should start using it.  

Here are some facts about real estate booking apps. So you know that you are investing at the right place.     

How Will A Real Estate Scheduling App Change Your Business?

An appointment scheduler will bring positive changes to your business. Right now, you may be thinking that I have a phone and email. Why should I use a scheduling app? Don’t worry the following facts will help you know the strength of an appointment scheduler. 

Stay organized and save time 

As a real estate dealer, you will have many tasks aligned. You will be responsible for dealing with prospects, maintaining licenses, visiting sites, and more. Since there are a lot of physical tasks, you should automate things that can be handled by technology. 

An appointment booking app will handle everything about arranging meetings. It will help you to clear out back and forth phone calls. Thus, It will become your personal assistant. 

Invest less earn more 

The old meeting booking system is still working fine. But you will need at least one person to attend the phone and answer emails as quickly as possible. 

But here comes the problem, his services are limited to working hours only. After that, no one can contact you, and no one can schedule a meeting. This limitation will take clients away because they can reach your competition before you are back at the office. That’s the least thing you will want. 

Moreover, you will have to pay your assistant at least the minimum wages to help him make a living. However, it’s not the case with a scheduling app. They are cheaper than you can imagine. 

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And the best part is the appointment booking app works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a result, your customers can book a meeting whenever they wish. Don’t panic! You will still have control over the available meeting hours. 

Well, what do you say, isn’t it as right as rain? 

Benefits of appointment scheduling software for real estate agents

Get maximum property details without email or phone 

Whenever a client calls in, you will have the same questions. For instance, 

  • Where is the property? 
  • What’s the design? 
  • What’s the budget? 

And I guess there will be more repeating questions. Although these are the most important questions as they allow you to collect listing information. But through the phone, you cannot collect quick details because you will be fixed to one call for at least fifteen minutes. 

On the other hand, a scheduling app can collect at least five property details simultaneously. All you have to do is a questionnaire on the booking page. However, this number will highly depend on the SEO of your website. 

If you are struggling with SEO, you can contact Netmow to solve your issue. They have the best SEO experts. 

Reduce scheduling time and book more meetings 

It is the nature of humans that they cannot wait for long. For instance, would you like it if there is a long line at the drive-through? Forget about the long. Even if there are a few cars, we will get frustrated. 

Also, your client will not like to wait for your reply through email. You will most likely receive more emails because your customers can contact you out of working hours. So, you should prepare yourself for the situation. 

You can quickly solve this issue through a real estate scheduling app as it allows your clients to book meetings in just a couple of steps. And your customers will love it because they will be getting quick responses through automated messages. 

How Will An Appointment Booking App Increase Your Real Estate Profit?

A booking app is not just a simple tool for organizing meetings. If you use it properly, you can boost your profit. How? Your answer is written below.

Eliminate human error 

For any business, good communication is the key to success. Whether you are receiving our emails, you will need a person who can answer them effectively. If he fails to do that, you will lose sales. 

Luckily the appointment booking app will eliminate this fear

Thus you will lock more sales through a scheduling app. But still, you will need an excellent website to make the visitor click the book meeting button. 

Get inside details about your business 

An ideal booking will have features like reports and analytics. These features will allow you to know the success level of your website. They highlight visitors’ behavior on your site. It will help you to see the pain points of your online strategy. 

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Once you remove those errors, you will generate more sales. 

Eliminate no shows 

It is not ideal when the customer does not appear on the scene. The customer may not appear if he has forgotten about the meeting. And we don’t want that to happen. That’s the scheduling app sends timely both to you and to your client. Thus you will never miss your meetings. 

Which Features Should An Ideal Booking Have?

On the internet, there are many schedule-making apps. Some are limited to only booking, but some have amazing features that can help your business boost. It is recommended that you should go for the best option. Your ideal booking software should have the following features. 


CRM (customer relationship management) is the feature that will help you to stay close with your customers.

CRM feature for real estate

Indeed, you cannot leave anything if you are emotionally attached to it. So, if you can maintain an emotional relationship with your clients, you can also retain them. 

Live chat 

If you have a live chat on your website you can generate more sales. The research shows that

  • 75% of the people love to have a live chat on a business website 
  • It will increase the conversion rate up to 12% 

As live chat can boost your sales, you should look for a real estate scheduling app with a live chat feature. 

Landing page 

Landing is not there for introducing your brand. They are used to up level the sales. So, it should be perfect. Otherwise, you cannot get desired results from your landing pages. 

The stats indicate that landing pages have the highest conversion rate of 23%. Thus you cannot compromise on the quality of landing pages. 

Lead generation 

If you can retain old clients, it is good for you. But you should keep looking for new clients if you want to take your business to the next level. The lead-generating feature of your booking app will help you to locate new clients quickly.

How To Find An Ideal Real Estate Scheduling App?

Your ideal appointment booking app is right under your nose. In fact, you are reading its blog. 

Are you thinking that I am exaggerating things? That’s not true at all. 

MIYN is the perfect tool that will allow you to jump on the bandwagon. It has all the necessary tools that will boost your business. You name a real estate scheduling app feature, and you will find it in MIYN. Whether it is CRM, landing pages, booking, and there’s more. 

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But to make sure that you know that it’s the right tool for you, you can try out its free trial. The ball is in your court now.  


Technology is changing the business world. The one who implements it first will stay on the front line. So, before you miss the boat, start using the latest advancements. 

To start using an online schedule maker, you can click on the “Get Started” button above.  

Frequently asked questions 

Why do realtors need a scheduling app?

Realtors are dealing with many physical tasks. They may even have to visit different sites during the working hours. So, it will not be good to attend calls during a visit. 

You can use an appointment scheduling app to eliminate phone calls and focus on the original goal. 

How can MIYN help realtors?

MIYN will help real estate agents to book more sales. And it will help them to improve relations with existing clients and track down new clients. Moreover the timely reminders will help you to attend all the meetings on time. 

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