Live Chat Software For Businesses: Jump Up For Successful Business

live chat software

Live Chat Software For Businesses: Jump Up For Successful Business

Do you want to make a good impression on your customer? Do you worry about your business progress? We have discussed the facts of live chat software from top to bottom. Anyone can have the perfect view about it. From business points of view it’s important both for the customers and the owners.

If you compare the satisfaction’s percentage of live chat with others such as email, phone, you will see the highest satisfaction level which is 73%. Everyone can easily figure out any kind of solution from the owner of a company or a mall by using this software. 

History of live chat

Live Chat

Live chat was invented before the invention of the World Wide WebHistory says that it was invented for communicating, though gradually people mostly used it for business purposes. Dough brown and David wolley hadn’t the idea that their invention for group chat will be the crying need of every sector. The live chat idea was first exposed by Dough brown and David Wolley in 1973. 

They were two Plato programmers. Dough firstly came up with an idea that actually would allow for group chat. Then both invented the talkomatic. The talkomatic became so much popular among the general people. So we can recognize the live chat by analyzing the idea of talkomatic

First it was launched in 2002. Almost every company uses live chat just for managing the customer services and online sales activities.  It is normally used by over 30000 paid customers from over 150 countries. Moreover live chat is available in 41 different languages. 

Working process of live chat

There is no difference between messaging app and live chat. This is because it helps to get immediate reply. That’s why we can call it live. As a result, we must say that you have a super fingertips tool which handle your customer easily. 

Firstly, you have to install live chat software on your website. After finishing the software installment, you get two options such as agent view and the user view. Then you have to decide the widget place on your website.

Having access of your website, your agent can see the conversation of the customer. When a visitor visits your website; they get all information through live chat widget. While clicking the chat session, they ask their question. Your customer’s question reaches where they get all the answer quickly through your expert agent.

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You can also use multiple tools for your customer’s understanding and demand. It helps to offer your customer for any discount. The best part of this software is that you can response your customer instantly and get feedback immediately without any delay. Usually, it ensures to acquire customers love for supporting them efficiently.

Things to push up for using live chat

Live chat is software which is actually mostly invented for online customer services. Help desk software and analytics capabilities are included in live chat. It is very beneficial for the business owners. But I can say it’s not only so important for the business owners but also for the general customers too.  Such as:

Give much attention on customer

Nowadays, special treatment is necessary to handle the customer because people like special treat. Most of the people want to know the details of the product before buying. We know that different people have different question and interest. 75% millennial are comfortable with messaging rather than phone calls. According to their interest, you can relevant chat with your customer and fulfil their expectation.

Reduce the cost of phone call 

Live chat helps to make a conversation with cheap rate than traditional phone calls. Comparing with the phone call, Forrester research says that this software gives you a service which is 17-30% cheap.

For this software, it can be possible because company’s agent have a proper training to handle more customers at the same time. Overall, it reduces your companies personnel cost.

Give buying customers

We see that live chat converts into the real customer who usually involves online purchase. It increases 35% more people in customers for using this software. When any customers want to some inquiry, your team easily give all the details with short time. 

For this reason, customer makes an immediate decision to buy and trust your brand easily. It promotes any kinds of offer to the customer and guides smoothly.

Stay ahead from rival

This software gives a real time support to your customer. As a result, you stay close to win the competition from other’s competitive company easily. It presents your company with a different way. On the other hand, your customer gets a great opportunity for experiencing online also.

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Sometimes, you have no time to run your business or busy for some important work but your customer gets your service always without any delay. This is possible because that software give you an opportunity to set some common question from the customer and their answer. 95% users believe that chatbots plays an important role for better customer service. 

Provide low cart abandonment

Live chat takes steps for an average cart abandonment which helps to your brand reaching all over the world. It does some things for reducing cart abandonment such as: 

While the customers are checking into the website, some question arises in their mind. Then the agents clear the entire question. When your business gives a proactive chat session, the customers show interest and turns into leads. You can also get your customers journey into the site using tracking tool.

Save customer’s time

Suppose a customer has a problem with a product then he needs to report the problem to the company via mail or something else. So customers need to wait a long time for the reply. Evidently, it’s a matter of disgust. But the customer doesn’t need to wait long for the reply.

In addition, shopping experiences here are much more pleasant than the offline ones. Most of the customer returns that website where live chat presents and 62% consumer believes that is really happened. Moreover they don’t have to provide their details again and again.

MIYN app with live chat

MIYN app provides live chat on their website. Our expert agents solve customer’s problem here. We try to acquire our customer’s trust and satisfaction by chatting with them through video, audio and messaging.

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In modern age, the world becomes small because communication system is an easy process.  People can connect all the time with each other for using different software. Undoubtedly nowadays live chat has become so prominent and useful. The technology is becoming much more updatable than the past.

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