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Ease of use

Simple and straightforward user interface for your clients, and sales force.

Landing Pages

Clean design & branding

Customise your logo, brand colours and business images for maximum impact. Drive more results from your lead funnel and spend less time worrying about branding.

Landing Pages

Code-free deployment

Link your domain, and deploy MIYN in seconds, without writing a single line of code.

Custom landing pages to capture leads

How it works

Landing Pages

Engage with your customers

Omnichannel communication through phone, email, live chat, and social media whilst keeping tabs of your client lists. That’s your MIYN.

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Automate routine tasks

Create pre-defined conditions for every incoming lead, and automate your lead nurturing process. Your task or MIYN?

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Make data your best friend, automate reports and get insights

Instant clarity. Find out what’s happening on the salesroom floor, without getting out of bed. Keep in touch with your clients, and find solutions to improve results. Improve reporting, without writing reports. No, you’re not still dreaming.

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Our feedback to date is exemplary. Let us impress you as well.

Ted Gothart
Ted Gothart —

“We just upgraded our account because our first client commended the ease of making an appointment at our clinic. Can’t get much of a better start than that!”

— MD at Coastal Medical Bay
Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson —

“I get way more appointments now… and I don’t even need to confirm them as MIYN does it automatically. The clients think I am a robot but I just have MIYN.”

— CEO of TechArt
Calron Jefferson
Calron Jefferson —

“OK we just realised that the whole setup can be done within about 3 minutes. We refreshed our page and it was live. Impressed.”

— CTO of Gameperiferals