MIYN client portal

Create unique, client spaces where teams and clients can collaborate.

Client Relationship Management

Add More Steam To Your Team

Achieve more results with the MIYN straightforward user interface with a minimal learning curve.

Client Relationship Management

Track Client Engagement & Activity

Our sales automation features are ideal for automating your digital marketing business processes. Your team can spend more time interacting with customers and less time manually entering data.

Client Relationship Management

Build Solid, Long-term Business Relationships

Your MIYN client portal provides a branded experience for website visitors to review appointment times, documents, communications and work securely to share information, and engage with your sales team.

Client Relationship Management Software

How it works

Client Relationship Management

Create Your MIYN

Getting started is simple. Choose an account and setup your account. Fill in the company details and that’s it. You’ve setup your very own customer portal. Grab a drink.

Client Relationship Management

Invite Existing Clients

Once you’re setup, you can invite your client database to connect on their very own portal page. Old customers become new again.

Client Relationship Management

Update As You Go

Set follow-ups, and mark them as in progress, completed or inactive to keep everyone in the loop. As you add and complete more projects, you’ll be able to track results.

Client Relationship Management

Start mining your goldmine with MIYN

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Our feedback to date is exemplary. Let us impress you as well.

Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson —

“I get way more appointments now… and I don’t even need to confirm them as MIYN does it automatically. The clients think I am a robot but I just have MIYN.”

— CEO of TechArt
Calron Jefferson
Calron Jefferson —

“OK we just realised that the whole setup can be done within about 3 minutes. We refreshed our page and it was live. Impressed.”

— CTO of Gameperiferals
Jeter Edward Jackson
Jeter Edward Jackson —

“We canceled our Hubspot account. We canceled our Thryv account. We’re about to cancel our Squarespace account as well. With MIYN it ain’t needed.”

— Director of CyberTech