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That’s where MIYN comes in. We can help you convert more of your visitors into actively engaged, confirmed, leads. Delivered straight into your marketing funnel. Where you need them.


Websites with a lead capture system are 100% more likely to capture a website lead than those without one. That's right. Plus, our stats are provable. Let us give you a demonstration.



Modern website users want instant gratification. If they're looking for an appointment, they want to book the appointment. There and then.



Everyone's busy. Why spend time checking schedules or bouncing messages back and forth to agree on a time? Set schedules and confirm appointments instantly.



Focus on what you do best. Help customers to buy. With improved onboarding, you can spend less time on detail, and more time on big picture thinking.


We let your clients take charge.

Online appointment scheduling

Let your clients set appointments at times that suit them. Book services, Make an appointment, Send files or messages, register interest in events, functions or anything else; from anywhere, any time.

Online Communications

Allow clients a fast way to send messages, upload documents or confirm details at the click of a button. Everyone knows what’s happening. And when.

Customer Relationship Management

You can manage your client’s interactions with your sales team and keep tabs on the sales funnel using advanced data analytics. Nothing will slip through the net anymore.

Easy Landing Pages

Need a fast, elegant landing page to house your website? Simple with MIYN. Within a few minutes, you can build a custom landing page and link your domain. Starting on a new business? Needing a fast webpage with a form capture? Want to start capturing leads today? You’re welcome.



Lead Generation, Landing Page, CRM for FREE!

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

let your customer schedule and appointment with you from your website.

Client Relationship Management
Client Relationship Management

Managing clients has never been so easy. MIYN is an advanced digital marketing tool providing an end-to-end solution for your digital presence.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

Turn on the tap to start mining your goldmine with a modern, dynamic and custom landing page by MIYN.


We are working hard for your love.

Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson —

“I get way more appointments now… and I don’t even need to confirm them as MIYN does it automatically. The clients think I am a robot but I just have MIYN.”

— CEO of TechArt
Calron Jefferson
Calron Jefferson —

“OK we just realised that the whole setup can be done within about 3 minutes. We refreshed our page and it was live. Impressed.”

— CTO of Gameperiferals
Jeter Edward Jackson
Jeter Edward Jackson —

“We canceled our Hubspot account. We canceled our Thryv account. We’re about to cancel our Squarespace account as well. With MIYN it ain’t needed.”

— Director of CyberTech

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