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Custom Booking Page

Modern website users want instant gratification. If they’re looking for an appointment, they want to book the appointment. There and then. Give them what they want.

Lead Generation

Time Zone Conflicts Fully Solved

Everyone’s busy. Why spend time checking schedules or bouncing messages back and forth to agree on a time? Set schedules and confirm appointments instantly, from any location.

Lead Generation

Notifications, Reminders & SMS

Focus on what you do best. Help customers to buy. With improved onboarding, you can spend less time on detail, and more time on big picture thinking.

Our brilliant scheduling system has Calendar management

How it works

Lead Generation

Organize your schedule

As everyone gets busier and busier, time keeps seeming to go faster and faster. So it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. With MIYN, everything is handled with robotic precision.

Lead Generation

Control Your Appointment Availability On The Fly

Manage multiple locations and employees, only show your clients the calendar or prices you want them to see. Plus retain the flexibility to make your schedule work for you.

Lead Generation

Capture Everything You Need To Know About Your Leads

Ask key information to onboard clients fast. Route contacts and assign follow up processes to ensure your client needs are met.

Lead Generation

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Our feedback to date is exemplary. Let us impress you as well.

Ted Gothart
Ted Gothart —

“We just upgraded our account because our first client commended the ease of making an appointment at our clinic. Can’t get much of a better start than that!”

— MD at Coastal Medical Bay
Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson —

“I get way more appointments now… and I don’t even need to confirm them as MIYN does it automatically. The clients think I am a robot but I just have MIYN.”

— CEO of TechArt
Calron Jefferson
Calron Jefferson —

“OK we just realised that the whole setup can be done within about 3 minutes. We refreshed our page and it was live. Impressed.”

— CTO of Gameperiferals